21 August 2006


Sewing Project 1: Sewing down the picots on Picovoli.

Oh, those picots. So many little picots. All those little live stitches in need of sewing down.

I've separated the Debbie Bliss Cathay into plies, and am sewing with about 3 plies at a time. I'm starting to get the hang of it; I started with the bottom hem, which came out sort of lumpy, and then did the neckline. Both areas stick out (the hem looks like a miniature tutu). I hope blocking will take care of that. I still need to do the armholes.

I still love the shaping on Picovoli -- those lovely princess darts in the front and back thrill me.

Sewing Project 2: Making hot pink fuzzy cushions with pale pink cording.

Since MrV was away doing Guy Stuff all weekend, we did Girl Stuff here. This included trashing the dining room by cutting out and sewing fuzzy, fleecy hot pink knitted fabric for cushions for the top of Kid2's toybox. The raw edge of the fabric drops fuzz everywhere; the fuzz clings to everything it touches. Kid1 said it looked like we'd had a pink snowstorm strike our house. I'm sure it will clog my vacuum cleaner.

The fabric was a horrible choice for sewing cushions -- it crept and crawled all over the place. It was quite stretchy -- a 60 inch strip I cut to encase cording would suddenly blossom into a 68 inch strip. Yikes.

So far I've only completed one of the two needed cushions. The seams are wobbly. The cording is crooked. I swear it is a different shape than the 15 by 17 rectangle I carefully measured out. But Kid2 is enchanted. Hot pink! Fuzz and fluff! It just screams "this belongs with Hello Kitty decor!"

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Hot pink fuzz everywhere, huh? You did mention wanting to redecorate the dining room in hot pink didn't you? ;) The stretching sounds like a horrible, headache inducing trama, but at least she likes them :) I've been busy getting whined at because I left the elastic too long in the boxers I made for the kids.