03 March 2008

Yes, We're Still Here

Most of the Girl Scout cookies have been delivered. For the record, the kids sold pretty much every single box themselves -- we don't do the "parents take sales sheet to work and post it" thing. The kids went door to door to door. The only exceptions were the person who cuts MrV's hair (2 boxes) and a couple of people at church who had the form passed to them (8 boxes).

So we've been schlepping these cookies door to door to door. I think we have less than 10 houses to go now.

Right now I'm passing the time until the vet's office opens. The cat is sick. She didn't eat yesterday, which was worrisome, but, okay, sometimes cats do that. By 6am today, though, she seemed very, very weak. I'm mostly trying to distract myself for another 45 minutes or so until the vet's office opens; every so often I go look to see if she's still breathing.

Okay, I just checked, and she's still alive. So, I cried a little, and tried to think of something else I can do to pass the time.

Gotta go.


Tara said...

My thoughts are with you. We have a geriatric cat, too. Eighteen years old. These last few weeks I've noticed her slowing down and it's been hard.
Take care, all of you.

km said...

In the last few years, we've lost my childhood dog and cat. They were respectively 18 and 19. One cat is still hanging on at 19 with my mom. I know it can't be long...so I know how you're feeling. I'll be praying for you...

Now as a distraction. Everytime I look at the legwarmers in the Spring IK, I think they would look great on some dancing girls. Have you looked at that pattern?

Heather said...

I hope your vet visit is promising. It's so hard to know with animals sometimes what's serious and what isn't. My MIL's cat is so old nobody really knows how old she is, and just a few weeks ago she was so weak she was almost completely immobile. A vet trip and some IV fluids, and she was totally fine. (???)

I'll be thinking of you and your kitty today.

Christina said...

I hope your kitty has a good appointment! I got my kitty back from teh vet yesterday from getting fixed. I feel so awful for her!
Hig kitty kisses for your kitty.

kitten said...

Bless your heart on both accounts. Keep us updated on your cat.
I have really missed you along with most of everybody else. Good luck girl!
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Momma is better. She is on Home Health Care. Next week will be her last.. (They only put her on for 3 weeks) We have a nurse that comes 2 days and a Therapist 2 days, but they only stay about an hour and we have to stay the rest. I’m not really sure she will be able to stay alone after her time is up, but maybe I wont have to stay as much.