22 April 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I will never again teach First Language Lessons.

It's done. Finished. History.

Two kids worth of use, and it's looking rather battered. The protective coating is peeling right off of the cover. It has that look that a book gets when it's pulled off and replaced on a shelf a couple hundred times.

I'll admit that it's been incredibly boring at times. For some reason, it didn't seem quite so bad the second time through, though. Perhaps that's because I knew what to expect. Perhaps it's because I didn't have a toddler demanding my attention, leaving me feeling frazzled about getting through all the lessons in the shortest time possible.

We added Montessori grammar games. We made the chants into hand clap games and dances. We skipped lessons, particularly at the beginning. We sang the poems for which we knew a tune (All Things Beautiful, for example).

Overall, I've decided that I like slightly scripted lessons. They're a nice change of pace. When I'm feeling crummy I can follow the script, but when I'm perky I can go off in my own direction.

For the record, I think the book's cover picture is weird. I'll not be missing that at all.


kitten said...

Thanks for the heads up!
I sure have missed you. Mom is better and slowly but surley getting back our normal. Well, trying to anyways!

KathyJo said...

We seriously half-ass FLL around here. I don't like many of her poetry selections, don't like her stories to narrate (think they're too long for beginners), and, well, some other stuff. :} So we mainly use it to learn the definitions of the parts of speech and go over those lessons. Except we haven't even been doing that much lately.

I don't like the cover, either.

km said...

I've been keeping this post as new until I had time to comment. A few moms around here are contemplating FLL for the fall. I wanted to ask if you could elaborate on your review. I think that given the perspective of going through this twice you'd know what to say. I'm curious about kathyjo's comment too. My boys will be 5 & 6 when we start school in the fall. Is this something I'll get sick of if I've got kids in K & 1 and next year 1 & 2. You can email me at adayinthelife531 at gmail dot com