20 May 2008

Busy Times

We've had house guests. So that's part of the reason for the break in blogging.

Also, we got a new cat a few weeks ago. After spending several weeks wrapping us around her little paw, when she was sure of our adoration, she revealed her true identity of Demon Kitty. She attacked our other cat. Viciously. So, much time lately has been spent toting cats to the vet. Older cat now gets ointment in his eye and antibiotics. Demon Kitty has been checked out for any physical problems -- there are none, by the way, so that means she has no excuse for her behavior.


Weaver said...

Oh no! how horrible. I've been a bit out of it lately, but thought I heard of bad weather your way and was hoping that all was well with you. Hope the kitty issues resolve themselves quickly!

Good Yarns said...

So sorry to have that happen, and now what to do? I can't imagine. I know I felt totally lost when my 18 month old child thought the new baby sister was a doll and wanted to throw her around. Ugh.

Heather said...

In my experience, female cats tend to be a lot more territorial than males, regardless of spaying. We got our Foxy cat when we already had two cats living with us, a male and a female. Foxy was the new cat on the block, but stormed in like she owned the place, picking fights with the other female day and night, never much bothering with the male (or maybe he was just smart enough to stay out of her way?). We've had her now for 8 years, and those females still hate each other. Most of the time, they just avoid each other, but if they happen to be in the same place (passing each other in the doorway, for example) they'll scrap around like strangers again.

Hang in there. As long as your house is big enough for them to have space to themselves, they'll eventually either learn to get along or learn to avoid each other.