06 June 2008

The Exploding Cat

Lat night Demon Kitty was staring out the sliding glass door. I went over to pick her up, and she exploded into a ball of fur and claws and yowling. I screamed. I bled. I threw her in the basement.

This morning she was her usual loving, cute, cuddly self.

We think she was concentrating so much on something outside the door (probably our other cat) that she was totally taken by surprise when i touched her. And now I have scratches down the side of my face and also my arm. I also have blood splashed on the top I was wearing (the kids had a piano recital earlier in the evening, so I was sort of dressed up). I always end up with blood dripped on my favorite tops. Sigh.

I also have a prescription for anti-anxiety drugs for Demon Kitty. We're hoping they "take the edge off", as the vet says.

Anyway, that pretty much took my mind off of everything else. And there's a lot of "everything else" these days. The car was dying, but has revived after tender ministrations (and several one-car-family days). We seem to be unable to get the proper shoes in the proper size and the proper wig for Annabeth's Big Dance Competition coming up in just a few more weeks. It's raining constantly, meaning the water table has risen to the point that sump pumps that NEVER run are merrily pumping water, and those of us without sump pumps have plans to install one soon. Sometimes the storms feature bonus tornado warnings, which adds to the excitement. And can you believe how hot it is for the beginning of June? Yowza, it feels more like July or August.


Tara said...

We went from 60 to 85 and sticky here in just a few days. Aargh.
Hope demon cat starts feeling some prozac love soon.

Ami said...

I love cats TOO! Let's exchange recipes!

mermaids said...

oh my! sounds like some kitty prozac is definitely in order.

as for the heat....yeah, we're hovering around 100 thru the weekend. monday it will "cool down" to 95.

KathyJo said...

We're still going back and forth between temps in the 50s and temps in the 90s. Well, that's guestimating, and it really only means that I'm never comfortable. :}

Thankfully, we had to have our sump pump replaced the first week we were living here. I say "thankfully" because when the winter thaw arrived, our basement windows looked like aquariums. There was talk of starting a tilapia farm.

Lorraine said...

We used to have exploding cats. Not a lot of fun. Hope the anxiety drugs make the difference.