16 July 2008

Crazy Hair

The kids are going to day camp this week. Each day has a theme. For example, today is Crazy Hair Day.

"I look like a Who."

I skipped my yoga session this morning to help with this. But, according to Those Who Know, it's all yoga, right? Everything we do is part of the Practice, be it doing asanas or spraying neurotoxins all over our kids' heads. Or something like that.

I'm sure this left a trail of red and blue all over the shirts and floors and pretty much anything else they were near.

I saw some of the other kids arriving. There were some pretty original ideas. I hope the leaders took group photos.

The camp is a dance camp. As to why we're doing a dance camp the week after the kids attended a dance workshop, well, I am an idiot we didn't know about the workshop when we signed up for a camp.

You may argue that every day is Crazy Hair Day in Irish Dance, what with those wigs. You're right. But somehow this was more fun.


km said...

What fun hair. My kids haven't asked yet...but I'm sure the day will come. And with all this dancing...there's not much room for getting into trouble, so you're good there. Just maybe feeling like a taxi.

Tara said...

Riverdance Whooville. The next big touring event... I like it! Hope the kiddos are enjoying camp.