30 July 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

My sore throat seems to come and go. The past couple of days have seen me mostly languishing, moaning and complaining (although in a whisper, since it hurt to talk).

Since I've been sitting around, I've spent some time knitting on the Aleita shell:

It would be done if the SciFi network had followed their schedule of showing reruns of Star Trek Enterprise on Tuesday night. I was all ready to hunker down for an evening of Star Trek, knitting and self pity (have I mentioned I had a sore throat?), but they were showing something else. Bah. I made jerky instead. Hey, that's something else that's in progress here today -- it's till dehydrating.

I began the week with good intentions to make a top for myself. This is how far I've gotten:

Kwik Sew 3199. I'll make the short sleeve version. Some day.

While I was finding the pattern to take this picture I discovered that I'd also purchased a dress pattern that I'd totally forgotten about. Which is sort of disturbing considering that I just purchased these patterns about 2 weeks ago. I really need to clean up all of this sewing mess and get a grip on what's in these piles. The situation is becoming critical. Also, I'm using the dining room as a sewing room, and we have company coming over -- the kind of company that involves using the dining room for pastimes like "eating" and "socializing" and exotic stuff like that.

Okay. I just ate some chopped up raw garlic stuck in a blob of Really Raw Honey. My throat is feeling better already! Perhaps because my body is in fear that I'm going to repeat that -- it was touch-and-go on whether I was going to keep it down, and my breath is startlingly strong now. I think I'm ready to tackle the day, finish up these projects, and move on with life.


km said...

Feel better soon. I don't know if I could ever eat a wad of chopped up garlic. If you're really desperate, my OB told me I could gargle with liquid antacid because the numbing properties would help ease the throat pain some. You don't even have to swallow. And since I never liked to gargle salt water when I was a kid...my mom always let us eat chips when we had a sore throat...it gets the salt down there just in a different way.

And, I've heard of the honey before...but what does the garlic do?

Mrs. H. said...

The garlic kills any germs that could set up infection in your system.

Gail, that is a lovely shell you are working on. I just adore the color. I know what you mean about the top. I have a sewing pattern and fabric for a dress sitting on my sewing table right now, waiting for "someday". I hope you feel better soon, and you are a braver woman than I...raw garlic and honey, whew!

Nikki said...

What a pretty shell! I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but since you did, I will too. I miss Star Trek Enterprise, too. I was disappointed that they quit showing it. Maybe it will come back.

When I have a sore throat, I suck on ice. It makes me cold, but the ice helps with the pain and the inflammation of my throat. Just a thought.

kitten said...

That is pretty! Sure do hope you feel better soon.