02 July 2007


The Sockapalooza socks are done:

Child's French Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. Knit on size 0 needles out of yarn dyed by Lisa Souza.

I blocked them a bit. That is, I soaked them in cool water, squeezed the water out, then laid them out on a towel. I never block socks for myself, plus my local sock guru said that off the 20 pairs she's knit for other people she's never blocked any. But I thought a bit of a block might be nice. The person for whom I knit them hangs her socks to dry, so I don't think she's particularly fussy.

Okay, now, on to the next thing ... what the heck was I up to before I got all wound up about these socks?


sockpal :) said...

Congratulations! Your socks look fabulous!! Your pal will love them! You are one sock ahead of me. I just finished your first one :)

alison said...

Lovely socks! That's such a pretty, delicate pattern. And the color is very sweet. Your pal will love them!

knittingiris said...

I finally opened them today and they fit PERFECTLY. I'm lovin' them, and in the mornings, it's cold enough to want to start a fire in the woodstove but still to crispy and dry outside to do so, so these will be the perfect fix.
Thank you for the other goodies as well.
I only wish I could have had these along on our trip as, since the nights and mornings in Oregon were quite chilly and then it rained every day we were sailing with my parents, they would have gotten plenty of wear!
Thank you again, Gail, for all the time and thought you put into these...again and again, I see. ;)
So, after making these, will you make a pair for yourself?