03 July 2007

UFO Resurrection for July

It's time to get back to Sahara

One could argue that this didn't really achieve UFO status since I always planned to return to it once I finished the Sockapalooza socks.

But it HAD reached what-a-mess-I'd-like-to-stick-this-in-a-bag-and-forget-about-it status. When I pulled it out to work on it the other day I realized that I had no idea where I was in the pattern, and didn't really recall what size I was making. After about an hour of fiddling around with it yesterday I managed to figure out where I am (I think I'm at the waist, although I wouldn't be surprised to discover otherwise) and the probable size. I even managed to knit a row.

I'd feel better about plunging into this UFO resurrection if I had any inkling where I put the rest of the yarn. Once I finish this skein I may return to the stick-this-in-a-bag-and-forget-about-it method of dealing with this sweater.

Stay tuned.

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Weaver said...

my UFO was set aside until I could have my sister try it on so I could make sure it was the right size. She (and her son and my mom) came up to visit this week and she tried it on. It fits! Perfectly! I'm so happy. so now I'm finishing the body (all 15 inches of stockinette) and the sleeves.