22 November 2005

God's will for our lives

So, Sunday morning we stayed in bed in lieu of getting up and going to church...we were both sick with some virus and needed the extra sleep (although one of us kept singing "Let's go Krogering" at random intervals, thus waking up the other).

The Sunday school lesson (which we missed) was on Nehemiah 11, which is when the people drew lots to see who would go live in Jerusalem. The personal application was to think about why God wants you to live where you currently live. When I asked VDad why he thought God wanted us here, he immediately replied, "Green beans...God wants us to take the green beans to Vi's house on Thanksgiving."

Well, you know, if we were still living in Ohio we couldn't bring the green beans. And, last year's designated taker-of-green-beans isn't coming this year. So maybe he has a point. And maybe that's why he kept singing about the thrills and delights of grocery shopping at 7a.m. Sunday.

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