30 November 2005

The Thrill of Laundry

Problem One: Drain line backs up, then breaks. Water all over basement. I am afraid to do laundry until pipe is repaired, since for all I know washer will empty directly onto basement carpet.

Laundry proceeds smoothly for about a week or so, other than the day the plumber came to install a new hose nib for the hot water hose. This involved shutting off the water to the house (he also worked on 3 out of 4 toilets in the house, as well as the kitchen faucet and hot water heater) and air hammering the old faucet out. The new hot water hose is leaking, but I think that's a matter of replacing a gasket; for now I just wipe up the puddles. Then we arrive at Problem Two.

Problem Two: Dryer is overheating. Dryer is about 17 years old and appears to be overheating whether it is venting through the house vent pipe or not. As a matter of fact, when we take it off the vent is smells downright carmelly, like something's starting to catch fire. Run out to buy new dryer (this is the weekend we're too sick to move, so this shopping trip was a Huge Deal).

Dryer is delivered about 3 days later. But, alas, it also starts overheating.

Problem Three: Vent line runs all the way under house (instead of venting to the front of the house, a distance of about 5 inches, it runs about 30 feet to vent in the backyard). Entire vent line is clogged with 27 years' worth of lint. VDad takes down drop ceiling in basement, manages to take apart vent line, extracts a trashbag full of lint. This is lint from undies worn 27 years ago! Eeewww! But, he vacuums it all out, and puts it back together. New dryer now functions. I now decide that the house is constipated, and all pipes leading out of it are clogged with something or other.

Unfortunately, it is now Thanksgiving week. So, no time to do laundry, since we're out visiting relatives all day every day. Then, when we're finally home, VDad, Donna and Wade install new laundry room cabinets. This takes 2 days...2 mare days I cannot do laundry.

BUT, for the past couple of days I've been washing anything I want, any time I want. Woohoo! I even washed a bunch of toddler clothes for the MotheringDotCom Mothers In Need, so they're all ready to mail out now.

Years ago in New Hampshire I knew a woman who hated to do laundry. When she ran out of clean clothing she would simply go out and buy more. The laundry pile grew and grew. I wonder what ever happened to it....

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