14 December 2005

Tecumseh! Prophetstown!

We just reached chapter 32 of Story of the World 3. It was somewhat exciting to read about Lewis and Clark in the first part of the chapter, since we now live in an area heavy with Lewis and Clark tourist spots.

But what REALLY set of squeals of excitement was hearing about Prophetstown. The kids have been there several times! They've visited the Indian village at the park! They've seen the Tippecanoe River! History is ALIVE at our house today.

We'll be visiting the area between now and Christmas, but we won't be going out to the museum. For one thing, the purpose of the visit will be Christmas, and for another, it's going to be wickedly cold. I don't care to be quite so immersed in history that I experience 20F in a recreated Indian village. I do wish we could find some good children's books on the subject, though.

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