28 November 2006

Knitters who Homeschool, and Homeschoolers who Knit

I was thinking about Mk.Km's comment about finding a knitter who also homeschools. My first thought was that, gees, there are tons of homeschooler-knitters. After all, I hang around with ... with ... well, okay, I can only think of one homeschooler-knitter in real life, and maybe I don't actually know her name (although I know all of her kids' names and ages, what they're up to in homeschool, what's the next knitting project she's thinking about doing, and, of course, where her daughter takes dance). And I have a friend who homeschools and crochets, but she's in Ohio. So. Ummm. Maybe the homeschool-knitting thing isn't quite so popular right here in St. Louis, or maybe I haven't gotten to know that many people here yet.

On the Internet, though, AHA! I can definitely find homeschooler-knitters on the Internet. The first that spring to mind, of course, are Poppins, JoVE, and Mary, who blog about both topics (and more).

Then there are the bloggers who maintain separate blogs for their knitting and homeschooling. This is more organized than I could ever be, but Penny manages it here and here. I've noticed that her friend ZooMom does the same.

I know this list isn't exhaustive by any means. I'll often be reading a blog about homeschooling and find mention of knitting, or a blog about knitting and realize that the family homeschools. Any other favorites out there?

And, a gratuitous knitting shot, since the temperature is supposed to drop about 40 degrees F on Thursday:

Thrummed mitten kit from Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply. The yarn is Peace Fleece in Ukranian Red. The kids wanted red mittens like Laura and Mary had in Little House in the Big Woods. The thrums were my idea. I'm using a combination of the pattern that came with the kit, and the pattern in Interweave Knits. I wonder if I'll get them done by the time it snows.


Pensguys said...

Thanks for the mention! :)

Mary G said...


I got your comment on SAAcademy finally; by the way, I too have a separate knitting blog Living Knitting .

Knitting really works well in the homeschool -- whether you have all girls, all boys or a mix!

Brandie said...

This post caught my eye as I'm a homeschooler who knits =)
I know a few other homeschoolers who knit, but none of them that well and no one I hang out with.

Good luck making the mittens =) We were near St. Louis on Friday and Saturday nad it was gorgeous! We came home (chicago-area) and were met with some pretty decent weather as well. Thursday we are supposed to get hit with the extremely chilly weather though.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am more of a crocheter, and have started knitting through the online encouragment of friends like Jove & Billi-Jean! Since I was not finding many real-life homeschoolers with fiber art interests, I decided to teach a crochet class at the local co-op, training the next generation! It has become so fun to sit and get to know these homeschooled teens, and their moms are now showing interest in learning as well.