08 November 2006

Still recovering from the latest home improvement project

After 3 days of severe pounding, we have a floor.

We have no baseboards. But we have a floor. We have no furniture moved back into the empty rooms (because of the baseboard situation) but we have a floor.

I would dearly love to get going on sewing the Christmas dresses, but the dining room table seems to be missing. I usually cut out the fabric on the dining room table. I also use the end of it for the sewing machine and serger. But, alas, no dining room table, so no sewing.

On the other hand, it makes a great area to lay out Base 10 cards in nice, neat rows. Oh, baby, you can really stretch out and do some 4-digit addition now!

(For the record, the floor isn't on such a wild slope. The photographer was maybe skating across the floor when she took this picture.)

1 comment:

Weaver said...

the floor looks beautiful!

As for the serger/machine combo, can you plug both of yours in at the same time? I only have one plug that works, so I am constantly unplugging/plugging between the machine. serger and iron. It tends to break my "flow" :) especially since the kids think that if I get up I must be done and so start bugging me :)

enjoy your new floor!!