17 November 2006

Small accomplishments

Dulaan socks, finished this week:

I was proud of fnishing them, until I read that some knitters believe we should be knitting a sock a day.

Oh well. They're made from Lopi Lite, and are just a wee bit small for Kid1 (who tried them on as a test, and declared them wonderfully snuggly).

On a background of red velour from Sewzanne's. I had this wonderful idea that I would make Christmas dresses for the girls using my new serger. I didn't factor in that a) I wouldn't have time to mess with sewing, considering we're still trying to finish up floor-related renovations, and b) the fabric choices around here suck. Sewzanne's to the rescue! I'd never ordered from her before. This stuff is really beautiful, and arrived here promptly. Now it's just a matter of finding time to sew it up.


Weaver said...

It may not be a sock a day, but they are beautiful and warm. That wins out to me! Congrats on the great socks. I crocheted hats for my kids today and will hit the stash for wool to make more for Dulaan first thing in the morning

RANDI said...

Great socks! Last year I tried my hand at knitting and ended up setting it aside--sewing is just more "my thing"! I wish I could make a sock a year!