20 June 2007

And if the Fairy Folk tire of dancing...

they can play awhile on a wee swingset instead.

The kids went on a fairy tangent today quite spontaneously. At one point there was a fairy waterpark on the back porch.

After supper we read A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale, then the kids gathered up all of their fairy dolls. Tears cried over two missing fairies -- it's always the same two, too, who give us this trouble! One was eventually found, the other apparently declared "already on her way to The Gathering", yet another is still missing a wing...next year I need to get an earlier start on this, I can see. Getting fairies organized at Midsummer is like herding cats.

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sockpal said...

Sounds like fun!! And this post helped me decide on which color to use for your sock...the name at least...I had it narrowed down to two...and this post solidified it!!

I'm casting on tonight :)

Happy Sockapalooza SUmmer! xoxox your sockpal