27 June 2007

UFO Resurrection Challenge

A couple of years ago I decided to knit a Prayer Shawl for someone. It was not a good move, and I knew it at the time. I had knit a few other Prayer Shawls for other people, and it was a fine experience, but this was just wrong, for several reasons.

I haven't seen the person I'm knitting this for since about September 2005:

And this past Sunday I walked into the Fellowship Hall at church and saw a friend knitting with almost the exact color of yarn (not Homespun, though, but some other higher end yarn).

"Oh, what's that?"

"A Prayer Shawl."

"Yes, that's what I thought."

I took this as a sign. I decided that she's knitting the dark red Prayer Shawl for the universe, and it would throw the world off balance to have mine languishing on the closet shelf for another 2 years.

New location of the Prayer Shawl I was knitting. Okay, not really -- I already took the trash bag out to the outdoor trash can, and it will soon be on its way to the dump. But you get the picture. Not even its Project-Spectrum-appropriate redness could save it.

And, yes, it occurs to me that my UFO Resurrection projects are tending towards non-resurrection, as several of them end up ripped up (although this is the first one I've out-and-out tossed without even trying to recover the yarn). But, wow, it's a good feeling to dump some of this stuff.

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km said...

Thanks for the warning. SInce my first 2 are boys...and not so much into cosmetics, I didn't know to expect this. Now, I know it's not going away. =0) I use MaryKay eye makeup remover...and it works to take lipstick out of carpet and lipstick/eyeliner/other stains out of clothes. Just test for colorfastness before you clean a large area...and I'm not sure, but I'd gamble that other makeup removers work too.