27 June 2007

State of the Socks

I have spent much of the past 2 weeks in a state of waiting. Waiting for my car to be fixed, then driving it a couple of days, then finding a new problem, then more waiting for the new problem to be fixed.

Trying to figure out what's wrong with my email, waiting to see if the "fix" works (it didn't).

Really, I'm starting to think there's something to mercury retrograde and the funky impact it has on transportation and communication. If I discovered that this particular retrograde period specifically effected plumbing, I wouldn't be surprised. I've also spent a lot of time waiting for plumbing problems to be resolved (not "stopped up" plumbing problems, but "gushing geyser" sorts of problems).

But, of course, every situation has an upside. And in this case, I have filled my waiting time with knitting:

The second sock is flying along. Of course, the first sock really flew along, but I kept ripping it out and starting over, so the net effect was slow.

I did rip up the entire thing and start over on tinier needles, as I was contemplating in an earlier post. It was a good move. The lace patterns no longer remind me of Klingon head ridges (not that I would ever call them Klingon socks, because Klingons wouldn't go for handknit socks; Klingons aren't exactly a comfy, cozy crew). The yarn still reminds me of something to eat, especially when it's in natural light.

Today I will be waiting for the door installation guy to come and redo last week's door installation (I think mercury retrograde also mucks up projects and causes them to need a redo). I think I might make it to the heel. Woohoo -- if much more goes wrong this week, I could have these done! How's that for positive thinking?

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