10 December 2007

If I Had Two More Yards of Yarn

This is how much black Cascade 220 I have:

I'd like to knit 2-3 more rows in black. That's all. If I could knit 2-3 more rows, I could finish this scarf without having to do much thinking.

But, the yarn is totally gone. As it stands now, the ends don't match -- the beginning has a nice, substantial black border, the end has just a couple of rows of black.

I like that the scarf has 5 complete octaves. It would look wonky to rip out, say, a single black key. Especially since this is a gift for a piano teacher (I think she'd notice, know what I mean?). I like the current length of the scarf. Mrs. Piano Teacher is tall. So I don't want to rip out an entire half-octave.

And since Mrs. Piano Teacher is a knitter, she'll look at how things are cast on and bound off. Really. We actually chat about various cast-ons (casts on?).

So, here I sit, having to actually think about what I'm doing. Which is a shame, because this was a wonderfully mindless knit while we were travelling this past weekend. The illusion knitting takes just enough attention to keep you from dozing off.

The last time I'll see her before Christmas is at a recital next Saturday. I have until then to contemplate what to do. And a little voice in my head is saying, "take it to this week's piano lesson, show it to her and ask her how she would handle it -- she won't know it's for her." Hee.

(The travelling this past weekend was the first family Christmas get together. Gifts were wrapped, delivered, opened, oohed and aahed over. One down! More to come!)


Pensguys said...

Buy more yarn, girl! It is WONDERFUL!!!!

I really don't think she'd care if it wasn't exactly like a piano....I play and I've seen lots of piano/music gifts. Most that have piano keys don't match up.

DON'T take it to her to ask! LOL I LOVE the element of surprise.

GailV said...

Oh, I wouldn't tell her it's for HER. I'd just be vague about who I'm making it for, and ask what she'd do if she were making it for herself, or maybe as a gift. I've asked her opinion about other knitting projects before, so it wouldn't be too terribly suspicious.

Pensguys said...

You don't think she'd figure it out being it is a piano keyboard? I probably would.

Maybe ask someone else you know who plays an instrument?

Becca said...

It looks fabulous! I want to see what it looks like when you can't see the illusion, like just looking at it regularly. I would take the scarf to every yarn store within 40 miles looking for the closest possible match for more black yarn. Otherwise, can you undo your cast edge and borrow some yarn from that? Make both ends have smaller black borders? I dunno, but it's very cool!

kitten said...

Wow! That is awesome!