12 December 2007

Swaps and Exchanges

The Brownie troop exchanged Swaps as a Christmas party activity. The kids made the swaps ahead of time, then handed them out at the party.

Kid2 decided that she wanted to make tiny little marshmallows-on-sticks. She loooooves to toast marshmallows in a fire, so it seemed appropriate.

She made the marshmallows out of white Crayola Model Magic. A tiny package made lots and lots of faux marshmallows. As she made the marshmallows she stuck a tiny twig through each one.

After they were dry she hot glued pins to the back. (Her sister nabbed a pinless one to use for dolls to play campout.)

Very cute. Many people were thought that she used actually mini-marshmallows that she had allowed to dry.

The Junior troop had a cookie exchange -- a half dozen cookies for each girl, homemade or purchased.

Kid1 decided to make meringues, which are basically whipped egg white and sugar baked at low temperature (250F). She added a little vanilla, peppermint extract, and also some mini chocolate chips.

It was her first time whipping egg whites into meringues. We don't have the equipment to pipe them out nicely on the cookie sheets, so they're sort of blobby.

But I think the final presentation looked appealing:

In other Christmas news, the tree is in the house and set up. I need to go get more lights, as one of our strands gave out. In the course of all of this putting-up-of-tree I've come to the conclusion that I'm mildly allergic to Frasier Fir -- my arms were splotchy and itchy from handling it, and my nose was stuffing up while I was around it. MrV offered to pitch the whole thing and come up with something else, but I think I can survive the next couple of weeks. But I'm thinking that we might look for a new artificial tree in the post-holiday sales.


Weaver said...

the swaps are great. My MIL makes tons of them for all the GS stuff she does, popsicles, canteens, and I can't even remember what else. I'll try to get pics up on my blog so that maybe you'll have ideas if you need them sometime.

Ami said...

Awesome swaps!

I need to post some of ours someday. Never thought about it actually.

We found an artificial tree at Home Depot this year. I hated spending the money, but maybe we can have a party in 10 years when it's paid for itself and toast the receipt over a campfire... like a marshmallow.

Isn't it cool how I just went full circle with this comment?

Writing and Living said...

Those marshmallow stick pins are adorable.

My mother switched to an artificial tree after she realized I came down with bronchitis every year as soon as the Christmas tree went up.

As for artificial trees, get one that's pre-lit. We got a pre-lit tree about three years ago and every year when we put it up I nearly weep with joy at not having to untangle strings of lights and wrap them around the tree.

Sometimes it's the little things.