03 December 2007

Our Story So Far...

Advent is such a special time of year.

It's a time to, well, to eat a breakfast of crinkle cut potato chips dipped in Ranch dip while updating your blog because really you don't have time to sit and be reflective, or even fix something decent to eat.

We started Advent-craziness in earnest last Friday, when I made a skirt for Kid1 to wear to the various Christmas functions:

Ottobre Woman 5/2007 #18. The original in the magazine was made in gold dupioni silk. Kid1 wanted a black skirt; we looked over the black dupioni at JoAnn's, but she felt it "looked like it has dust on it" (there was a sort of white sheen to the black silk). So we ended up with a polyester from the bridal section. She wears it with a pair of my high heels, and looks impossibly grown up.

I was a tad nervous as I got to the invisible zipper insertion, since zippers are often my downfall. The zipper was going in fairly smoothly (I have apparently made every mistake possible with zippers, and am starting to get the hang of it), but I kept noting how amazingly brown the black zipper looked compared to the black fabric. I finally got up to check the zipper package, and discovered that I had purchased a brown zipper. Doh. So, a quick trip back to the fabric store, and I was set. No further problems, although I'll admit that I hand sewed the lining to the zipper since I didn't trust my skills at machine sewing that little bit together.

Saturday morning we went downtown to Shades of Green, a scouting event involving thousands of Girl Scouts wearing identical green t-shirts tromping around a cavernous convention center looking at scouty-type stuff. I felt I should've earned a special badge for driving us to a downtown location I'd never been to before, finding a parking spot, and remaining calm on the way home when the highway entrance ramp I expected to use was closed for construction.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and putting up some Christmas decorations. Then Kid1 and I went to church for an evening Advent service in which she sang (looking all impossibly grownup there in her black skirt and my high heels, sob). Kid2 was sick, and stayed home with MrV.

Sunday morning we all went to church. It was wonderfully balmy when we left home around 9:30 am. By the time we left the church at noon rain was coming down in sheets. The temperature dropped steadily all afternoon. But we were snug inside having a Suzuki piano recital -- Kid1 played and Kid2 read the little story that tied all the piano music together. Various relatives and neighbors were in attendance, as well as Mrs. Piano Teacher. We served snacks on our Christmas dishes. Yay us for getting out some of the Christmas dishes!

The kids decided they both were too sick to go back to church for the evening, so we watched Elf and put up more Christmas decorations.

Two days of December craziness down, 29 to go.


Tara said...

'Tis the season!
Great skirt. We're still in the long skirts and flat shoes stage here but I sense change in the air. Sounds like you are coping remarkably well.

Writing and Living said...

We are in "Recovery from Slumber Party" mode, and don't really do advent, so I am trying to pretend like Christmas isn't coming.

mermaids said...

very festive skirt!

Taoknitter said...

I like this skirt, too. I have often wondered about putting invisible zippers in the ID dresses...I have a big thing about bad zippers and invisibles could help the look. But, I am imagining that the invisible with a thick line of satin-stitching would not work!

I do not comment often, but I so admire your ability to homeschool your kids. Middle diva might benefit from that, but I have to be honest about my patience...I ask myself if life-long therapy for her as a consequence is a plus!!! Kudos to you!!!

km said...

I figure you must be rather petite if Kid 1 is wearing your shoes. My anut has the cutest size 5 feet. I loved playing dress up in her shoes. My mom's size 9's not so much fun.

Don't kids grow up sooo fast. I know I'll blink and mine will be singing in the church choir.