17 September 2007

To Every Thing There Is a Season

It's time to admit to myself that I'm not going to get around to sewing up all of the summer clothing I had planned. I've put away the fabric piles, and started thinking about fall sewing.

The kids and I all need new capris and pants, having outgrown last year's wardrobe (I seem to be having a horizontal growth spurt).

But the first item on the seasonal checklist is Birthday Sewing. And this year that means making items for American Girls dolls.

So far Kirsten has a new dress:

I wasn't so sure about elasticized sleeves for Kirsten, but I looked over the birthday dress from American Girl and realized that they implied drawstrings for the short sleeves.

After I finished this dress I found some tiny pink checked gingham and some tiny white ric rac. I've been considering making the birthday dress, but, really, does Kirsten want a knock off?

To make the above dress I used Joan Hind's Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls. I sort of used the cover dress. Except the skirt of the cover dress was too full, and the collar was all wrong, and I wanted to line the bodice, and I thought the skirt opening could be done better than shown in the book, and skirt side seams looked more attractive. And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. But, the book was inspirational, and gave me a jumping-off point. And it took less than a day to zip together, from tracing out the pattern to sewing on the daisy trim around the hem and neck (which really stinks to sew on, by the way, either by hand or machine).

This dress was for one child who likes to celebrate her Swedish heritagevia Kirsten. Her sister found some fake daisies and made someting like Kirsten's birthday headdress.

As a matter of fact, her sister's birthday is coming up soon, too. Expectations are running high: "Mommy, I think you could make Kit's birthday dress or school jumper -- they look pretty easy." Umm, no, they look pretty freakin' impossible to me. But I think I can manage some sort of jumper.

September is birthday season here. No doubt about it.


mermaids said...

sweet little dress. i have a particular fondness for sewing doll clothes. dolls will wear whatever you make them and they don't outgrow their pants overnight.


km said...

So cute! When did you get your girls their dolls? I know mine is still to young...but I'm looking forward to that day. And...do they make Irish dancing costumes for dolls???

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Very sweet! And I thank you from the bottom of my pile of seersucker and terry cloth that there is another who has not completed the summer sewing projects!
I am just moving right onto holiday projects already, and give myself a rest near the holidays!

Weaver said...

Beautiful! I'm noticing that my kids need new pj pants (or maybe I'll just call the old ones capris ;) ) Unfortunately, its #1 that needs new pj pants and all the flannel I already have in the house is girlie looking. The boy is so sweet that he said that big bird pj pants would be fine, now I just have to get busy.