26 September 2007

UFO Resurrection for September

This is my most embarrassing Unfinished Object.

You know, it takes quite a lot to embarrass me when it comes to my knitting. This is possibly because I am delusional about my abilities. Or maybe I've just reached a point where I don't care what other people think.

But this is even beyond my skill at rationalization.

It's the Unifinished Object that is also Forgotten:

And when I say "Forgotten" I mean that I have no idea what this is. I know I knit it. I know that it's some pink Rowan Calmer with a circular needle stuck in it. I know that it looks like it had another circular needle stuck in it which has now been pulled out to be used for something that struck me as more important at the time.

And I know that it was stuck in a bag with a couple of sock patterns. It's obviously not a sock.

No clue. Only a vague clue where any more of this yarn might be. I remember purchasing the yarn in 2006 with the intent of making the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I also remember that I while I was swatching it occurred to me that the sweater would look bad on me, especially in that color. So I cast on ... this ... instead. Hmmmm.

So, rippity rip rip, and we've decluttered another Unfinished Object.


Lorraine said...

Sometimes you just gotta frog it. Now there is no evidence to wrack you with guilt!

Nicole said...

Oh my - I just laughed so hard my stomach hurt. This sounds *exactly* like something I would do. I keep repeating the line "I remember purchasing the yarn in 2006..." in my head and snorting.

Tara, Walkabout said...

I feel so much better knowing there is someone else out there who does these kinds of things. I think I found a hidden wrapped Christmas gift intended for last year just a few months ago...
Thanks for the chuckle!

Sara said...

Oh, this cracked me up. Someday, in the dead of sleep most likely, you will sit up in bed and magically know what the heck the pink thing was supposed to be. ;-)

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I love it!! I have to agree with Nicole...that was a good laugh! I've often done the "What did I buy this for???" I was inspired in January and ripped a whole bunch of UFOs.... Very proud of you for ripping!

Heather said...

Ha! I've done the same thing, and forgotten in a shorter period of time. This is more likely to happen with my knitting projects than when I crochet, since crocheting goes faster for me. Knitting is relatively new and my hands always hurt after a short while, so I abandon projects after about an hour. Maybe to pick up again tomorrow, maybe to sit in a bag/box/drawer until I take it out and say, "What the heck.. a top? A blanket?"