12 September 2007

Tuesday Teatime

This week's teatime shows just how easy having a weekly teatime can be.

While grocery shopping I picked up a package of creme filled wafer cookies. I think those wafer cookies are sort of vile, but the kids thought they were a great treat, and I had great hopes that I wouldn't eat the entire package myself (cookies are a great weakness of mine). I also picked up a bottle of lemonade.

And while at the library I picked up a copy of When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne. It's a wonderful little book, and we should probably own a copy, but we don't. The library had several copies.

And, then, when we were ready to have teatime yesterday afternoon we decided it was a beautiful day and we should be outside. An outdoor teatime had an added advantage as it meant we didn't have to clean off the dining room table.

I took a blanket out to the playset, and spread it out on the platform up at the top of the slide. I also carried the book, the napkins, and the package of cookies. The kids followed with the lemonade and non-breakable cups.

As they settled in I read the introduction to the book. Then I read various poems at random.

After about 20 minutes of reading and chatting, we decided we had had enough. We picked up various items, slid down the slide, and carried them into the house. I then mowed the lawn while the kids attended to some other activities they had wanted to accomplish.

Tuesday teatime can be so very easy. Or it can be quite elaborate. And it's lots of fun to mix it up and vary the type you have, along with varying the poetry. You could even have one today!


km said...

Tuesday Teatime is definitly something I want to try...but haven't gotten to yet. I just tagged you. See what it's about.

Nicole said...

Hmm. I wonder if I should try an occasional after school tea time with my kiddos. Sounds like so much fun!