11 January 2008

Absurd Math

SInce we are currently operating without a 6th/7th grade math program, Kid1 is spending her time playing Absurd Math.

Except she wants to do it All. The. Time. And she does it on the computer I use to read blogs and check email and load pictures.

If you don't hear from me, it's due to massive math practice sessions.


kitten said...

That's a good thing to be addictive to, but understand having to share my computer with my child. I have been showing my oldest computer concepts and typing. We also have found a game that is at the bottom of my blog about maps that he thinks is so neat. I have had to learn to share my computer with him and us take turns.

Ami said...

Thanks for the link, looks interesting.


Time for another computer?

SabrinaT said...

Thanks for the link, my son needs fun math..