21 January 2008


The kids want to get another cat. MrV feels we should wait until one of the current cats dies (not that outlandish, since Geriatric Cat has had some close calls in the past few months).

So I suggested that they have Pet Deer.

They hang out in our yard for hours at a time. They eat the acorns and the saplings and the cotoneasters there.

In the evening they hunker down on the lawn, folding those graceful slender legs under them.

And when it's quite dark out, they invite the buck over to, ahem, "make Bambis".

They also potty all over the yard.

And move out of the sunlight as soon as I try to take a picture of them, and generally glare at me like I'm invading their space (which, as a cat owner, I'm pretty used to).


Heather said...

We have some wild yard pets also, and are waiting to get more domestic animals until after some of the current occupants die. My friends say it's mean and insensitive to think this way, but I LIKE to keep animals, and they DO die after a few years. It's not like I'm *waiting* for the animal to die, but being responsible enough not to increase the animals I have to care for until until the ones I already have are (inevitably) gone.

kitten said...

Taht is really awsome!

Tara said...

We are in somewhat of the same animal boat (ark?) here. We'd love to get a West Highland Terrier pup but it hardly seems fair to put our 18-year old cat through the stress. In fact, I don't think she'd last through the stress, so we'll wait, letting her have her senior years in peace.
The deer are beautiful.

Lorraine said...

The deer and rabbits love my burning bush. Tough time of year for wildlife, when they're reduced to eating sticks. Ugggh.

As a new kitty owner, I'm all for adding to the collection. However, if you have a fragile geriatric cat, check with your vet. Harley came in with a host of medical issues that would have compromised the health of an older cat.

Nicole said...

So I keep reading this and being jealous. How in the hell do you get the deer to stay in your yard? We have almost 4 acres, and will occasionally see deer, but they don't hang around for very long at all.

Do you bribe them?