03 January 2008


Time to put up a new calendar!

This year we purchased the Fairy Tale Moons calendar from the Biodynamic Farming Assoc., and, oh, it is gorgeous. We're all quite smitten with it.

It has lovely pictures. It has snippets of fairy tales -- just enough to whet your interest so you want to run to the library and check out the full version. It has all sorts of interesting information written on the dates -- today is the 10th Holy Night, and the Earth is at perihelion, meaning it is closest to the Sun on its path. Yesterday's snippet told about Thoth and Osiris, and Egyptian mythology about the first 5 days of the year; other days have quotes or historical events.

In the back we have information about, let's see, pole stars, and Gregorian vs. Julian calendar, and Copernican system vs, Tychonic system, and other items of this ilk ... a star map of constellations mentioned in the calendar ... suggestions of how to use the calendar (I aspire to be a Milky Way Master, but admit that we'll probably end up as Big Dipper Basics).

There's no room on this calendar to write appointments and such. That business belongs on the planner, not this beauty. This calendar hangs on the wall, and we stop and look at it every day, gaze at the picture, discuss what we read.

The calendar is also available from Bob and Nancy's Waldorf Bookshop, but if I go there I will end up clicking to go to Colorsong Yarn and then end up wasting an hour scrolling my mouse over hanks of yarn so I can see the pretty colors show up on my screen, all the while debating whether I should get a Goldilocks shawl kit. So, it's best for me to avoid putting items in a cart at that particular website, since I get a little too enthusiastic.


kitten said...

Wow! That sounds too cool! I'm glad you got a computer now that you can watch videos! Thanks for the nice comment!

Tara said...

I went over to check out the link. And the other link.
Cool stuff!