18 February 2008

Me plus Twist equals Love

Finished product:

I love this sweater. I loved knitting it. I love wearing it. I'm wearing it now.

(Not my favorite photo, though, but the one Blogger would accept. Blogger and I have a very tenuous relationship, you know. But you'd think I could've gotten a better photo considering that I wore the sweater all day Sunday and all day Monday.)

Twist by Bonne Marie Burns, knit out of Cascade Superwash in offwhite, on sizes 5 and 6 needles. I cast on a couple of extra stitches in the back, an extra stitch on each side, and 2 more stitches on each sleeve to make up for the fact that my gauge was a bit off. And, no, I didn't worry about what happened when I bound those stitches back off at the top of the pieces -- I figured that the knitted fabric could be eased to fit (that's the seamstress in me -- you can cut out fabric a bit wonky and still sew it together okay).

I loved this pattern so much that it didn't bother me that I had to knit the left front nearly 3 times before I got the cables right. Well, it didn't bother me much.

And I was pleased to have it done on Saturday night, because

Knit Picks clearanced a bunch of yarn out of their shop right onto my doorstep Saturday afternoon.

The hat in the top photo is already done; socks have been cast on in the cocoa brown Essential ... oooh, I'm feeling productive these days! Except not so productive in the bathroom-cleaning department, sigh....


Weaver said...

That sweater is amazing! Congrats on such a fine new wearable!!!! I'm wishing I had a box of yarn on its way to me, but I do have a box of cloth diapers on the way :) which of course reminds me that I need to get a dresser for #4 :)

Julie said...

Good news at your house! that sweater looks great, and I like the white (or is it off-white?). The hat is gorgeous colors and the yarn in the mail...who could ask for more?!

Ami said...

beautiful sweater!!

km said...

I love the twist. It's so great when you're still in love with the FO.

eclecticallyyours said...

That was SO nice of you to make that sweater for me!! I'm sure you'll be contacting me soon for my address, right?

Really like your blog! LOVE the header comment. I laughed my...well, you know, off.

My relationship w/Blogger went sour, too. It happens. You have to know when to walk away, Gail.

kitten said...