08 February 2008

Random Bits

It's been such a whirlwind around here, that I'm having trouble focusing on much of anything, including writing a coherent paragraph. So this will be just bits and pieces.

The cooking adventures from earlier in the week were a mixed bag. The broth is excellent. Some of it became chicken soup. It smells so heavenly that the cat wants to wallow in a vat of it. The kefir was a flop. I was using a powdered kefir which I think was too old. I had it in the refrigerator ... I have some in the freezer, and may try again with that. The whey has been separated from the yogurt, but still hasn't been combined with the beets to make the kvass. I suspect that it would help if I were actually home long enough to do something other than race through the house.

We've been busy with scouts. We've visited a new doctor for a well-child visit, where we learned that Kid1 is officially bigger than me -- both taller and heavier. We've gone to piano. We cleared all the scrapbooking stuff off the dining room table to replace it with sewing stuff (last week the kids were wild about scrapbooking; this week they're drafting patterns for doll clothes).

We went to see Bodyworlds, which is simply amazing.

It was really, really warm, and we were running around in shorts and T-shirts. Then it snowed a bunch, and the kids spent the day sledding. Then it got really, really warm again, and we put the T-shirts back on.

And then there's dance. Ceili class, dance class, another ceili class for the other child, dance performance, another dance class.... Yes, the kids have joined ceili teams. These are, well, they're dance teams. They do group dances that sometimes look like really fancy square dances. Kid1 is on a team that does performances but doesn't compete. She was place on this team basis her height, by the way, and is the youngest and possibly least-experienced. She adores it. And Kid2 ... has been asked to be on a team that is going to the national championships (one of the members who went to Oireachtas -- the regional championships -- dropped out). This is a Big Commitment, and I question our sanity about this daily. It involves lots of performances AND competitions. And workshops. And new shoes, and a new wig, and (most exciting by far) a new School Dress in which to dance.

I'm chugging along on my knitting. I had been doing some sewing, was almost done with the garment, hung it in the closet and forgot about it. I mean, I have maybe 5 more minutes of work for it to be officially done. There's probably some interesting psychological reason for not just Getting It Done. Or maybe I'm just sort of frazzled and disconnected, and forgot about it until now.

I need to go do ... something. Clean something? Organize some schoolwork? Get dressed? Umm, not sure. Maybe I'll just stare out the window and pet the cat.


Heather said...

I'll admit I don't know what kefir is, but I wonder if taking it from the freezer and allowing it to get to room temp before using it would help? I can't even tell you how many recipes I've ruined because of cold ingredients.

I also feel that sense that I should be doing something, but I don't know what. Or I know what can be done, I just really don't feel like doing any of those things. I'll be petting my cat today too. Maybe filing my nails. Heck, I might even brew some coffee.

Writing and Living said...

Haven't you loved the weather? Snowed a week ago, then tornadoes after that. It was beautiful Saturday, cold today, and we're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow. Lovely.