12 February 2008


Beet Kvass.

I don't care so much about its medicinal qualities. I think it's pretty. And I really, really like beets.

I also don't care so much about Project Spectrum, since arbitrarily assigning colors to months doesn't really inspire me, but it's a nice excuse to show this photo. So, this is my bow to Project Spectrum 2008. There may be others, if I randomly happen to be doing something in the appropriate color.

Really, right now I'm working more in blue:

Fuzzy Feet. Dance class was cancelled last night, I think due to weather. So they will debut tonight.

In order to felt them I threw them in the front load washer with a load of towels. One foot is a bit larger than the other. I might throw them in again with another load of laundry, just to see if they'll even up.

I also got some royal blue PUL yesterday to make dress shields for use in our blue school dresses (Irish dance dresses can't be tossed in the laundry after a show or feis, so we have to invent other ways to keep the sweat off). Not too inspiring as a craft project ... unless you're in Irish Dance. Honestly, I wonder why I've never seen anyone suggest making dress shields out of materials that match the dress? Maybe I'll find out what's wrong with this idea when it all ends in disaster at the feis this weekend. Or maybe I'll be hailed as a hero.


Julie said...

I like your use of the colors, and I like beets, too. Have you tried them roasted and pureed with salt, pepper and a bit of butter? MMMmmmMm.

I hope the dance goes really well.

Lolly said...

love the beets :)
...and PS isn't quite arbitrary, but thanks for the nod.