11 February 2008

Panic Knitting

I've been working fairly steadily on Twist, hoping to have it done by the Irish Arts Feis this Saturday. First of all, I think it looks like something you should wear to a feis -- cables, but not too-too, you know? Sort of an "okay, I'm into this Celtic thing, but I'm not so into it that I brought my bagpipes" vibe. Second, I told the all-but-kitchenered lady at dance class that I planned to have it done by the feis, so I feel a sense of obligation; she did comment a couple of weeks later that she wasn't holding me to that (wonder if she reads this blog).

It needs a button band and collar. Oh, and buttons, which I haven't shopped for yet. And I love it, and have enjoyed knitting it so very much that I'm almost sad to see it end.



And we have dance class 3 nights this week. And the studio thermostat is set at Arctic Wasteland, which is great if you're dancing, but really really stinks if you're sitting around waiting for your child to finish up.

There are 2 areas in which you can wait: There's the outer waiting room next to the door -- that would be the outside door that the dancers leave open for long periods as they leave and enter the studio, and generally let 12F breezes blow in. Or, there's the changing room down the hall, which has benches for the dancers to use while changing shoes (although, of course, everyone sits on the floor to change their shoes -- I think that's some sort of Dancer Code of Conduct that you have to plop in the middle of the floor to change shoes and simultaneously stretch and chatter). The changing room is slightly warmer than the outer waiting room, except that you must take off your street shoes from off your feet as though you are entering holy ground, mostly because your street shoes have all sorts of icky crud on the bottom that shouldn't be tracked into the studio proper due to its fancy, springy floor.

And so, if you sit there, your feet get mighty cold. Cold enough to need a pair of Fuzzy Feet

which are being knit in our dance school's color.

At some point I may even embroider our studio's logo on it. For now, though, I just want to get them knit and felted by class tonight. I'm shivering just thinking about it.


Tara said...

Oh, the sweater is gorgeous! And the fuzzy feet look ever-so-toasty!

kitten said...

Thank you for your warm thought! Beautiful sweater and love the socks. I have always admired someone that can do that stuff, but I don't have the patience to sit down and learn it.