12 June 2006

Bits and Pieces


Much knitting is happening. But it is Stealth Knitting. Surprise Knitting. Gift Knitting. About all I can say it that it involves very soft yarn and Addi needles. Someday I may be able to post pictures about it, and rave about the yarn.


It's summer. KidV1 said she wanted to alternate weeks of working on math with weeks of working on spelling. I decided to let her set her own pace. I've kept my mouth shut (this is absolutely amazing in itself, and possibly the most startling statement I will ever make in this blog). She has done ... nothing. Well, nothing insofar as math and spelling. She's been reading quite a bit, and was toting Using Latin Book One around for several days (it's an old textbook, of course, and has writing in it ... her favorite part so far has been a handwritten note in the back with the old poem "Latin is a dead language, As dead as it can be; First it killed the Romans, And now it's killing me."). But spelling and math? Nope.


I just got a free 3 month trial of Amazon Prime. It's exciting, but a bit useless. I usually ponder book purchases for several weeks before actually submitting them, so speeding up the delivery process isn't particularly helpful. Now, if I'd gotten a notice more along the lines of "we were going to offer you Amazon Prime, but decided instead to give you an extra 50% off everything on your wishlist" THAT would be news.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

stealth kitting, huh? I've been stealth needle felting and spinning and I may have purchased a pair of stealth knitting needles, but no stealth knitting for me. :)

Libragirl said...

I keep getting that thing about Amazon Prime...I order books regularly but it's like you have to spend a gazillion dollars to save like 1.20. so not worht it...though the 50% of your wishlist, love that.