20 June 2006

Still no sign of Geometry

Plenty of action here, but most of it doesn't have to do with school.

Kid1 got a new bike. It's a Jamis, and has handbrakes and gears. You really need gears around here with all of the hills. Much time has been spent riding bikes.

It's incredibly hot and humid. Disgustingly hot and humid. We go to the local pool a lot. It's the one without all of the big fancy slides and water sprays and tunnels and towers and huge Lazy River. We tried one of those, and we didn't like it. It was too loud, busy, noisy, and annoying, sort of like the water version of Chucky Cheese. The pool we go to has a couple of moderate slides, a little Lazy River you can walk through, some sprays, a couple of diving boards, and lots and lots of flat water.

Gardening is lacksadaisical, and occurs in the early morning or late evening. At this point the landscape needs more ripped out than planted.

We've been going to various doctors' offices, establishing relationships with physicians and getting tests and checkups done for our HMO. This is incredibly tedious and annoying. It takes way too much time. It's one of the worst things about moving -- having to find doctors.

We continue our mission to rip all the wallpaper off the walls. Some rooms have multiple layers of wallpaper. Sometimes the layers all come off at once. Other times it's a long, long process of excavating through the layers of paint (waterproof) and paper.

Knitting? It seems to have gone the way of RightStart Geometry for now.

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Norma said...

I stopped by looking for a Monday Memory (mine's up). Boy, do I remember ripping off wallpaper. In our last house, it was like an archeological dig through fashion magazines.