08 June 2006

Tuesday Teatime

For treats I mixed up a box of Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Brownie Mix . I'll admit, I wasn't paying close attention when I mixed them -- I put in too much water. I tried to compensate by dumping some potato starch. Maybe that's why they ended up so very tasteless. Really, though, I think it's more a function of the mix. I don't think I'll be buying this item again.

We also had some Trader Joe's French Market Limeade. Very fizzy, not too sweet. It was a hit.

And the poetry? Oh, yes, the poetry. We got out Valerie Worth's All the Small Poems and Fourteen More and enjoyed poems from the first part of the book (small poems). We also had a very loooooong discussion about why the book is entitled All the Small Poems; the sort of discussion that you think will never, ever end; the sort of discussion that leaves you questioning whether you really want to hang out with a 6 year old on a daily basis let alone try to read any poetry whatsoever beyond, say, Mother Goose (and you're not really sure about that, because there are probably some philosophical problems and linguistic issues lurking in Mother Goose you've never really thought about, but believe me, the 6 year old is lying in bed at night wondering about it because, really, when you're 6 what else is competing for your attention?).

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