14 June 2006

RightStart Geometry? What's that?

KidV1 was the one who chose to continue RightStart Geometry through the summer. Then, after seeing Akeelah and the Bee, she decided to alternate a week of math with a week of spelling.

I got tired of saying, "Okay, dear, why don't you go ahead and do your spelling/math now." Hey, I want some time off, too! So, no mommy-nagging about schoolwork. She decided to do this, so she can do it without my constant reminders.

And as soon as I started my vacation-from-nagging POOF! the schoolwork stopped. No spelling. No geometry.

I have kept my mouth shut for days about this. Even when she's wandering around the house with that I-don't-know-what-to-do look I have refrained from saying, "gee, if you're looking for something to do you could ...." Does she remember that she wanted to do math? Did she change her mind? Is she trying to drive me nuts? Seeing how long I can go before I crack?


Hornblower said...

I'm SO glad to read this. I get absolutely revoltingly sick of hearing people say - "oh, I just left math books around the house & the kids did them when they wanted & then they challenged an exam & wow! Just look! They aced it!" Barfarama. So NOT my life. I don't understand these alien kids. OTOH, I totally understand kids who don't do the work - even the work they want to do. I'm supposed to be writing my book. I WANT to be writing my book. But have I? Nope. Not unless I force myself to. I wasn't kidding that I was meant for a life of leisure. I think that's why some unschooling families don't GET it - some of us are absolutely completely lazy bums. I recognize that & see it as my job to try and instil at least a modicum of discipline in the kids (oh yeah, & in myself)....

JoVE said...

I pick number 3 (she's trying to drive you nuts). But then I always think that is the motivation :-)