22 June 2006

The Rhythm of Our Days

We spend the mornings in doctors' offices.

We have lunch, during which I read aloud from An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott, and something else. The "something else" has included things like Kevin Crossley-Holland's Norse Myths, Roger Lancelyn Green's King Arthur, or maybe some Shakespeare since it's the solstice and therefore time to read Midsummer Night's Dream once again (although the version I copied off the Internet had annoying typos, including in Oberon's famous line "Ill met by moonlight, Titania").

Then we go to the pool.

Somewhere during all of this I realize that I forgot to get various necessities at the store (toilet paper, popsicles). So, we stop by the store, get ONE item and forget all the rest.

I think my brains are melting in the heat.

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