03 October 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Swap!

My Magic Yarn Ball arrived today!

I opened the box and discovered:

Mmmmm, Hershey's caramel-filled Kisses (which I didn't even know existed!), a cute ladybug card, and a ball of Cascade Sierra Quattro with stitch markers dangling out, as well as a glimpse of something red ...

Action shot as I unwind one ball and wind another:

That glimpse of red was a ladybug button. So far I've found 2 of those, as well as a cool wooden toggle. But there are some intriguing bumps left in the ball, so I'll continue unwinding/rewinding:

The rewound ball with all the goodies! Beautiful stitch markers, stay-put white ring markers, coil knitting needle holders (another thing I didn't realize existed in the world, and will be So Very Handy -- how did I live without these?), cute buttons, funky tube beads. Great package! Thanks to the talented and creative ksjhwkr for a great swap!

(Please note that as soon as I snapped this picture we ripped into the candy.)

My kids were amazed that I rewound the ball into a new ball as I went along. Kid1 had made a Magic Yarn Ball for Kid2's birthday last week. This is how they believed it should be unwrapped:

Now, guess who got to wind that ball of red yarn back into a ball....


Pensguys said...

Too CUTE! What a great idea!

Kim said...

I'm SO glad you like it all!!!! Enjoy the kisses (they are YUMMY!) and your new yarn!!!