02 October 2006


I had a sea of purple in my mailbox!

One envelope was from Poppins, whe sent me all sorts of wonderful stuff during the Secret Pal swap at TheDenimJumper this summer. That swap was supposedly over in August, but Poppins sent a super-surprising pacakge ... beautiful stitch markers (wrapped in purple), a CD, some of those amazing postcards she's famous for, a yummy recipe, and a specially-translated-from-German-by-Poppins knitting pattern. Woohoo! What a great surprise!

Of course, since I had so much fun with that swap at TheDenimJumper I was inspired to sign up for the Fall Fairy Swap at MotheringDotCom. And, on the same day I got Poppins package, I got a package from Ozzyemm, full of lavendar! Lavendar lip gloss, a lavendar sachet, a lavendar card, all of it enclosed in acres and acres of lavendar tissue. I love it!

And I love how the 2 packages coordinate!

The yarn? That's come Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece I had received from Webs earlier in the week. It, too, is purple, although my monitor shows it as more blue compared to that sea of purple in front of it. It will be a button up jacket for this fall. I'm all about purple this fall. How lucky to have a couple of swap-mates who caught that vibe!

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Pensguys said...

Oooh, AaaH!!!! Yarn is ALWAYS nce!