18 January 2007

Discovering How Much Time Being a Homeschool Mom Takes

Since everyone is sick I've had a chance to do other things.

Obviously, I've made about a thousand cups of chamomile tea, another thousand cups of kudzu-apple juice (recipe in this book ; I love this book, and sometimes fantasize that the author is my mom and will come take care of me when I'm sick), wrung out cool cloths to put on hot foreheads, fetched more pillows, and read books aloud (although at a certain point yesterday the vote was to just flip the television on to Star Trek reruns).

And cleaned the house, even taking the shower doors apart to get that little place you can't get to otherwise. And dragged the fallen tree limbs from the ice storm out to the street for pickup (we had a pine tree that lost about half its limbs; I never realized how big pine tree branches could get until I was wrestling them out of the dirt and ice where they'd impaled themselves).

But I've also received the latest issue of Ottobre , and picked out something I can make for Kid2 out of pink velour.

And needlefelted little snowball babies (thinble added for size comparison):

And made curtains for a child whose idea of "beautiful" means it's pink and it involves Hello Kitty:

And read tons of crafty blogs, to the point that I've recklessly signed up for Project Spectrum 2.0 , apparently believing that I always have this much time on my hands to sit around and think of interesting things to do.

(It has helped that no one has felt like eating, so the whole fixing-food-washing-up business has also been pretty much nonexistant. MrV is in Mexico, so he's not here expecting meals either.)

Today's plan is to scrub floors, sew cute little outfits for Waldorf dolls, and think of more books to request from the library. Today's reality will probably be much different. It always is.

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Pensguys said...

SOOOO true about the time it takes...

Gail, would you mind emailing me about RS Geo? I have some questions.


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