10 January 2007

Tuesday Teatime

I was given a copy of Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost during the Fall Fairy swap at MDC this past fall. The book is divided into seasons, with several poems for each. Given that the weather has turned cold and wintery here (we even had some flakes of snow yesterday morning!) this seemed like a perfect time to pull it out and raed some of Frost's winter poetry.

We had hot chocolate with candy canes (yes, Christmas remnants) along with Candy Cane Jo-Jo cookies from Trader Joe's (also Christmas remnants). (It occurs to me that our candle was even a remnant -- the stub of our Advent candle . Hah.)

I read through the winter selections: Now Close the Windows, Wind and Window Flower, A Patch of Old Snow, Good Hours, The Wood-Pile, Storm Fear. The book has a couple of lines of explanation under each poem -- perhaps setting the mood, perhaps explaining some of Frost's imagery.

After reading the poems we read the introduction, which told about Frost's life. We're currently reading Understood Betsy as one of our many read alouds, and I thought it was fun to see that Frost was writing about the same region that Betsy was set in.

Overall, it was a wonderfully cozy teatime.

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