26 January 2007

UFO Resurrection Challenge

I've been in a de-cluttering frenzy all week. As the latest inspiration, I've joined the UFO Resurrection Challenge. I hope to do something with some of these odd little piles of yarn and knitting. I also hope to learn how to spell "resurrection" on the first try, given that I'll be typing the word at least once a month.

January's entry is from the Dulaan sock-making frenzy of last October-Socktoberfest. I made a massive boo-boo in pairing up the yarn and the pattern. So, now you see it:

And now you don't:

I'm not quite sure what to do with this yarn now. It's worsted weight, and I have about 4 ounces. For now it's going in a ziploc and getting stuck down in stashland (also known as "that cedar closet in the basement").

1 comment:

Pensguys said...

YEA! good for you! I have to get out on of my UFOs this weekend and see what is up with it. I've put too much work into it to frog it, so I'll be knitting a bit on it this weekend. I get to knit on the current socks tonight for HOURS straight, so I need to work on this month's UFO.