12 January 2007

Knitting Progress

Chickami. Oh, my poor little Chickami.

I started it on Jan. 1st, and whipped through it up to the split for front and back in about a week. I reached the upper edge of the back, where I needed to switch needle size. The needles I needed were upstairs. I was downstairs. I just. couldn't. do. it. I couldn't go up and get them. For 2 days.

(Keep in mind, they were in my bedroom, a room I went in and out of many times per day, and spent hours in each night. The needles weren't even put away -- they were just laying on my dresser. But I couldn't grab them while passing.)

Chickami has been reduced to total guilt-knitting. I'm only finishing it because I know if I don't finish it now I never will. I must finish it before I start something new.

It's a super pattern. I have so little left to do. The Bamboo yarn is wonderful to work with (except for a glitch in the current skein ... I wasn't paying attention, and suddenly realized I was knitting with thread ... I had to tink back several stitches to where it was normal, and cut out the offending few inches from the skein ... Kid2 asked, "Are you going to call them and tell them there was a problem with the yarn?" which hadn't even crossed my mind ... I wonder what would happen if I did).

But this week it's COLD. We spend our outdoors time walking to the pond and poking at the ice with sticks, speculating on the bubbles we see frozen under the smooth surface. We make glowing fires in the fireplace and roast hotdogs and toast marshmallows for supper. It is time for hats and mittens and wool socks and sweaters, not for slinky little bamboo camisoles. Warm weather gear is so ... so ... last week!

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