20 February 2007

RightStart Geometry

The continuing saga of our adventures using RightStart Geometry and RightStart B. I have an 11yo and a 7yo who have average math ability.The 11yo has done Miquon, Singapore, RightStart Transitions, Level D and Level E; RightStart has saved her from a life a math phobia.

I try to update our adventures on Tuesdays, although sometimes it doesn’t get done until Wednesday. And sometimes we really haven’t done that much math, so I skip it entirely.

RightStart Geometry:

Lesson 97 Frieze Patterns

The goals of the lesson are to learn the terms used in frieze patterns, learn about the 7 types of frieze patterns, and to work with the patterns. Tangrams are used. It’s a simple concept, but takes a while to execute.

If I were a more with-it homeschooler, I would’ve tied this in to frieze patterns on ancient buildings, which would tie-in with all the reading about Greece and Rome we do daily. Cool idea, right? Too bad I didn’t think of it in time.

Lesson 98 Introduction to Tessellations

I’ve always thought tessellations were fun. We have a magnet set for making tessellations. We have wooden pattern blocks.

Kid1, on the other hand, asks if she could puh-leeeeeease do some other sort of math, anything but geometry, which has apparently become insufferably boring. Perhaps it’s tessellation burnout. I suggest she just Get It Over With, since she’ll have to do it eventually.

She does. It turns out to be a quick lesson. I don’t know if she realized the next 6 lessons are also on tessellations, though.

The next lesson shows a tiling pattern from ancient Egypt. Aha. My chance to redeem myself and tie this in to a favorite history subject. Must go google some historical tessellations.

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