14 February 2007

UFO Resurrection Challenge

February's UFO is complete!

Pattern from the Blue Blog (she may take this pattern and link away as we come closer to book publication time; I'm glad she hasn't yet, though, since I lost the pattern when I got to the neck).

Yarn is from Dale of Norway, Falk washable. Needles were size 4 US.

Kid1 was very pleased with it. I had her try it on when I finished seaming it. She wanted to continue wearing it, but I made her take it off so I could weave in all the yarn ends that were hanging out (I think having yarn ends dangling out of your finished knitting looks sort of like boogers dangling out of your nose, but apparently Kid1 doesn't share this attitude). Of course, by the time I got the yarn ends all tidied away she had lost all interest in it. By then she was hot from sledding and the hot chocolate we had afterwards. And I was distracted having Kid2 throw up all the hot chocolate into the sink, which then plugged up, so I didn't really care.

(This is why I will never have a swanky knitting blog. I start out talking about a nice, neat sweater, and veer into boogers and vomit. That's life with young kids, though. And I'm not even telling y'all about the really weird stuff going on around here.)

The new Interweave Knits arrived right after I finished. Great timing to just curl up and select a new project, right? Except I'm now busy altering skirts. Pleated skirts. With zippers up the side, and elastic in the back, and a slightly trapezoidal shape to the pleats. Ick.


Weaver said...

the very thought of altering those skirts is giving me hives! My boogers are shrinking back up into my nose :)

The sweater is beautiful! My kid #1 wore his socks for a month with the yarn tails hanging out :) He wouldn't let me have them for even a couple of minutes to finish them.

In our house, vomit is a big deal. the kids don't do it very often and are terrified of it. The crying and trauma afterwards is always way worse than the original "event."

GailV said...

"My boogers are shrinking back up in my nose"? Now, there's a phrase to remember! Love it!

Kid2 is *very* dramatic with any stomach ache. I thought no way was she really going to hurl (since she's always saying she's about to), so I just had her stand over the sink, and figured the moment would pass. If I'd known she was really going to do it I wouldn't have had her standing at a sink that barely drains. What a mess. In the meantime, she just said, "Okay, I feel better now," and skipped away.

Weaver said...

"...I feel better now," and skipped away..."

That is too funny! Of course, I admit that it is only funny because it didn't happen to me :) My #1 will carry a bowl with him every where he goes for 3 days if he even thinks he's going to throw up. He'll carry it for a week if he actually does ;)

Hope the cuddling with the new Knits totally makes up for all the fuss!

Nicole said...

The sweater turned out great!

And ugh...vomit. We've had an abundance of that here lately - but not in the sink - that's a new one for me. ;)