01 February 2007

Tuesday Teatime

(With bonus Project Spectrum pics!)

Okay, I didn't want to call it Tuesday Teatime. Tuesday was impossibly busy, so we had Teatime on Wednesday. Kid2 said, "No problem, we can just call it Wednesday Teatime." Ack! No! There's no alliteration in that title. I must have alliteration! So I wanted to call it Cocoa Club, a title I picked up at the beautiful blog of By Sun and Candlelight . I thought it was perfect -- alliteration! we're drinking cocoa, so it fits! did I mention the alliteration?! But Kid2 wandered off in disinterest. And I've decided that for the sake of my blog lables I shall stick with Tuesday Teatime.

Our theme was snow. I read some of the huge selection of snow poetry I've accumulated from resources such as A Child's Seasonal Treasury . Then we read The Story of the Snow Children. This book had been on my Amazon wishlist for ages, but when I saw that Dawn had it on her sidebar as a book they were reading, well, I had to get it. (Possible alternate title for this post: "I Try to Pretend I am Dawn of By Sun and Candlelight").

Afterwards the kids colored pictures from Ruth Heller's Stained Glass Designs for Coloring Snowflakes, and also inquired why we were doing a snow theme considering the ground was bare. Hey, the forecast called for snow! NOT MY FAULT! (It did finally snow overnight, so this morning I am vindicated.)

Our refreshements included cocoa, of course. As I was heating the milk I realized that I should've made Mexican Wedding Cakes for cookies, as they look like little snowballs. Whoops! The kids bailed me out by finding a box of Lemon Cooler Girl Scout cookies from the freezer (stuck there from last year's sale). They were sort of round, dusted with powder sugar, and frozen. Sort of snowball-ish.

I had been too busy making decorations to mess with cookies:

(The photography at By Sun and Candlelight is so much better than mine. Sigh.)

I think I've posted the snowball babies before. I was making a King Winter, then, over the past couple of days, but the household vote was to make it a Snow Queen.

There were some rumblings that if we got tired of her as a queen we could take off her hair and add a beard.

Most important is that she is white and icy blue, qualifying her as my first Project Spectrum project.

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