02 February 2007

UFO Ressurection, Project Spectrum

Kid1 and I had many discussions about Weasley sweaters. Many, many discussions. Until finally last fall I ordered some Dalegarn Falk, charted a letter for the front, and cast on, around about November.

(I'm skipping the part where she changed her mind about which house's colors she wanted without telling me, and also the part where I got a different yarn for the sweater, swatched it up and realized that it was a really, really bad choice. Let's just focus on the fact that we're both happy with the current yarn and the color.)

I cast on in size Massively, Laughably Huge; it's going to be big enough for ME, for pete's sake, let alone for an 11 year old girl. I wasn't sure about this -- on one hand, the this big size meant huge swathes of stockinette on size 4 needles. On the other hand, it meant that she could wear the sweater for years and years, since, you know, Dalegarn Falk! This sweater will last forever! And, you know, she can layer it this year so it won't look quite so baggy.

I commented that it might not be done for Christmas. I didn't have any Christmas knitting planned, per se, but it's a busy time and I wasn't going to guarantee that I'd be knitting like a mad woman in December, trying to finish up projects. As a matter of fact, I was feeling pretty smug about my lack of holiday knitting -- no pressure to finish anything by the Big Day! Whee! Except then, of course, there were sudden urgent calls for thrum mittens and a black cotton non-chemo-cap. And another project that I cast on, and never mentioned here, and will be a future UFO Resurrection (if I continue to match up UFO Resurrections with Project Spectrum, expect to see it in June/July).

Then after the flurry of the holidays I realized I had an urgent need for a camisole for a party we were going to. And then, after that was finished, I finally had a chance to cast on the Hourglass Sweater I've been meaning to knit for the past 2 years.

So I started swatched up the yarn, then started casting on. Kid1 looked up and asked, "What's that you're working on now?"

Oh, just a sweater for me. Isn't this a nice yarn? Isn't this a pretty color?

"Oh. Another sweater for you."

(Long pause while we all have a chance to contemplate that I have just completed a project for myself and have now immediately plunged into a second.)

"Well," sigh, "I'm just worried that I'm not going to be able to even wear that Weasley by the time you finish it because it'll be too small."

Uurgh...ummm...ah...well. Yes. She has suddenly popped up to being about my height. We're quickly reaching that trading-clothing scenario. So. Yep, better get back to work on that Weasley.

(At this point Kid2 -- who is forever petite -- piped up to assure us, "Don't worry -- I can wear it!" which inspired a huge fight about letters and house colors and whatnot. We'll also skip that part.)

So, here's what I'm carrying around to dance classes and swim classes and piano lessons and choir and Friday night pizza-and-a-DVD-at-home, racing against the growth spurt:

My Project Spectrum blue knitting for February (I really wanted to be knitting something else blue, a specific other item, but we'll also skip that part because linking to the picture of it would just leave me heaving deep sighs for how inutterably cool it would be to knit). One more sleeve and a collar to go!

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chipper said...

You are an awesome Weasley knitting mom!!! (does that help a little?:) )

I started a wee tiny baby Weasley the other day. #1 wants one bad, but I'm not sure if I totally understand the pattern, so I'm trying it out small with cheap Lion Brand Fisherman's wool. (will send the finished sweater to Dulaan)