03 October 2007

Harvest Time

Did you know deer eat tomatoes?

I knew they eat coleus, even if you have them in a pot by the front door. And, of course, they eat hosta and daylilies.

But, apparently there's nothing quite like a juicy tomato on a hot summer night. Even if it's off of a plant in a pot on someone's patio. I think they might eat the blossoms, too.

The kids were thrilled to nab these two before the deer got them. And this is the total harvest for 2007.


Vegan Knitting said...

Until we installed bird netting, the deer ate ALL of the tomato plant - tomatoes, leaves, stems, etc. So far, we have not harvested any. I hope we'll get at least a few more before the weather gets much colder.

mermaids said...

the drought is so bad in our area that the deer are eating anything and everything. for awhile, i was spraying the plants with "deer away." at this point, i've given up. the only thing they haven't nibbled to a stub is the rosemary bush.

Ami said...

Too bad you don't live near me. I could have given you a year's supply from our plants. They went NUTS this year.

And I don't even LIKE tomatoes!