18 October 2007

What the Well-Dressed Scout Will Be Wearing to Sleep In at Camp

And the Camp Leaders spake unto the Junior Scouts, saying, "Thou shalt bring jammies with pants to camp. Also, thou shalt bring a stocking cap to sleep in, just in case the weather turns bitterly cold. For lo, we control much, but not the weather."

And the Junior Scout moaned and cried out, "Mommy, I have no jammies with pants."

And the Mommy replied, "Fear not, for we have that pattern you used in sewing classes last summer to make capris -- we'll just make the full length version. Also, I think a soft wool hat would keep your head warmer and more comfortable, so let's look at yarn."

Jammie pants from Butterick 3314, except this time we walloped off part of the torso, since when she made it over the summer it looked like those old-man pants that come up to a person's armpits.

"Gee, Gail, I don't recognize that fabric from that huge pile you just got ."

Ahem. Yes. Well, good for you memorizing my fabric stash. But I can now leave my house (via the new steps, even!) and go to the fabric store. And purchase more fabric. So. Moving along....

The hat is out of Cascade Pastaza Paints in color Forrest, and it is wonderfully soft. I knit it up on size 10.5 needles -- I think 10s would've been better, but I found the 10.5s, and am not sure whether or not I own 10s. Kid1 picked the color -- she wanted variegated green, and wanted a pink stripe (out of some WoolEase we had around) to jazz it up. I sort of like how the greens pooled in swirly stripes.

So I'm at dance class finishing up this hat, right? And this other mom asks, "What happened to the sock you were knitting? Did you finish it?"

"No. I still have to kitchener the toe [aside: all knitters know that kitchenering the toe is a tiny little thing, yet something you don't want to do while standing around waiting for your kids to come out of dance class]. Plus I was sort of sick of it. So I'm knitting this for [daughter for whom I should come up with clever blog-name]'s camping trip this coming weekend."

"Oh." Then, in That Voice, "So, you have just have one partly done sock." And walked away.

I laughed and called after her, "Hey, all it needs is to be kitchenered."

First of all, you don't use That Voice to diss a sock that only needs to be kitchenered -- it reveals that you have no idea what needs to be done to the sock to complete it.

Second of all, you don't use That Voice on the reigning Queen of That Voice. Give me a break. Your paltry efforts at That Voice are likely to earn you That Look from me.

And I let you know that That Voice didn't do its job by laughing and shrugging off your statement, which I now publish so more easily intimidated knitters will learn to roll their eyes and shrug off people like you. Also, I'm publishing it because everyone else says they sometimes get weird comments from folks about their knitting, and I always say, "Gee, no one ever says anything like that to me." So, this is either a first, or else I usually ignore comments like this as unworthy of my attention. Either way it works for me.


Ann said...

You are my first chuckle of the day. I HATE the Voice...I know I use it, but my hackles turn into a mohawk when I get Voiced. They do then get my nuclear winter Look.

Yeah, I can see how bloglines could get to be a project in itself. But then I find a blog like yours and it has to be added!

Isn't 6500 better than 7600? They are moving pretty fast, aren't they? Soon, soon.

Weaver said...

the pants and hat are great! Have a great time at camp!!!

kitten said...

I started laughing at, 'thou shalt' and then my moth dropped at the fabric. Well, actually drooling! Where did you order it from?

Tara, Walkabout said...

Argh. I hate The Voice too.
But I love the hat! Very cute. And I hope kid-with-no-cute-blog-name has a great time camping.

km said...

Oh, those patches on the vest look like so much fun. I hope she earns her badge well at camp.

Just after I asked you about the AG Irish costume I got a new catalogue in the mail. They just added that outfit. I'm young enough to remember AG's from when I was a kid, but just too old to have had one of my own. I know that's why I'm antsy to get one for my 2...but 2 is just too young. And I'll just have to hope that she likes dolls. Right now she's more into the boys toys.

Writing and Living said...

Okay, so was the other mom with That Voice a knitter or not? Because that would make a big difference to me. If she wasn't, I would say something snarky like, "Oh, I didn't know you could knit socks." And if she was a knitter, I would still say something snarky like, "Yes, well, I've finished the Christmas knitting for this year and next year, so I don't feel much pressure right now." Which would be a lie, but that's how small of a person I am.

Nicole said...

Oooh - I wanna know if snotty mom is a knitter or not too! I would have told her that yes, it's only one partially done sock, but I still wear it.

Jammies pants and hat look great!

Oh, and just *reading* your next post made me tired. You need a break and a nice cup of tea!

shaun said...

Ha! I'd better kitchener my all-but-kitchener (can we coin ABK as a knitting term?) before dance class tomorrow!

I am knitting a very luxe afghan gift out of Pastaza, including one lovely burgundy-ish Paint color -- your hat looks great!.