06 January 2006

Dia de los Reyes!

I'd love to say we're doing something really cool for Three Kings Day. But, we're not.

(UPDATE: I suddenly realized it's finally time to sing De Tierra Lejana Venimos -- From a Distant Home. It's a Puerto Rican carol that's one of my favorites, and is number 243 in your handy-dandy U. Methodist Hymnal. So we joined in with our PR friends around the world in singing, although we used the English version. As much as I love the song, I wonder why the popular songs about the Wise Men tend to be in minor keys.)

We will make sure the Wise Men finally make it to the manger scene, although I noticed that the living room set have been hanging out next to the manger for the past week (in contrast, last year they wandered all over the house before even entering the living room). Maybe we'll discuss the baptism, and the blessing of the holy water, and that my brother has been known to celebrate Christmas on this day (although I'm not sure just how Othodox he is anymore).

Then I will take down the decorations.

Not very inspiring, but that's the sort of holiday it's been here. I'm eager to get back to normal life so I can figure out how normal life looks in this new house and new city.

Last night I started panicking that our homeschooling has been really weenie lately. This morning I recalled that this was a PLANNED weenieness, as I knew we wouldn't have time for much. I console myself that we kept up with Latin and math; although I'm not a fan of that style of education (mostly because I find Latin deathly dull), at least I know I can get a pat on the back from the Latin-and-math crowd.

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