12 January 2006

Mid-month snapshot -- January

Memory work for January:

We're singing Gaudeamus Igitur (Latina Christiana II). I'm struggling with the first verse; for some reason I can't play the piano and simultaneously sing "Iuvenes dum sumus". I'm fine on the second verse, but I dread that first verse. I was looking at the Memoria Press website today, wondering if I should get Lingua Angelica so we could have some better choices in songs. But, alas, Gaudeamus Igitur was on that CD, too, so I don't know that we'd really be upping ourselves overall.

Our hymn-of-the-month is Holy, Holy, Holy. This was one of the first hymns I learned, back in the good ol' days when it was #1 in the hymnal (the way God intended it to be).

We are also singing Santos, Santos, Santos. It would be impressive if the kids had requested this because, "gee, Mommy, that sounds sort of like Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus -- how cool! Can we sing it?" Really, though, it was mostly a matter of noticing it was in Spanish and was directly opposite Holy, Holy, Holy in the hymnal (which would've been impossible if Holy, Holy, Holy were still #1-the-way-God-intended).

VKid1 is learning all four verses of The Star-Spangled Banner. We recite it, we sing it (somewhat cluelessly about how the syllables of verses 2-4 fit into the music), I make fill-in-the-blank papers for it, it serves as copywork.

We've made it to the 19th century in Story of the World, and spent last night blasting The 1812 Overture through the speakers while re-enacting the march on Moscow. As VDad left for Mexico, I shouted, "Tell Guillermo we're finally to the Cry of Dolores in history." Vdad dutifully fulfilled this obligation, but Guillermo seemed to think it was weird that we would study that in January instead of September. He's right. Sigh. I did much better last year when we did the festivals like Martinmas on the correct dates, even though we weren't to that chapter in history -- then, we we got to the appropriate chapter in SOTW I simply said, "remember how we celebrated that?". Yet another example of the disorganization in which I'm now wallowing.

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